Traveling to El Hogar in Honduras for the First Time – A Day Filled With Work and Play (Part 3)

I awoke to my first full day in Honduras and I was still amazed by the fact that I am actually here. It’s Saturday, which is usually a day of rest and fun for the children of El Hogar – for me it was a day of both fun and work.

I worked with Margo Mingay – an El Hogar board member who lives in Toronto – for most of the day as we sorted through newly donated items to be placed in the storage area at El Hogar. These items range from shoes to pencils, personal care items to toys. It was hard work, but I was amazed by how generous people continue to be with the donations of items that are brought to El Hogar.

With all of that work, there needed to be some time to play (especially because it’s Saturday), so I joined some of the staff as they took the children to a nearby park. The location was beautiful and very well-kept. It was great to see the children running and playing with other children who were also enjoying the park with their families and friends. I was also amazed by the huge palm trees and the birds who were perching in them. It was a small piece of paradise in the middle of hectic, congested Tegucigalpa.

After returning to the El Hogar campus, we met up with Claudia Castro – Director of the El Hogar Elementary program – who challenged me and some of the children to a game of basketball. She failed to mention that she had played for a number of years while attending school. To make a long story short, she is a great basketball player and she scored a lot of points.

We also bid goodbye to the service team from Parish of the Epiphany in Winchester, MA. Their time at El Hogar ended today and they prepared to make the journey home.

For all of the fun that we were having and the work that was being accomplished, I was struck by how much the children of El Hogar are loved by the staff. Each person I’ve spoken to and met with really loves their work with the children. This truly is a special place and I’m so glad that I’m here to see it first-hand.

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