Traveling to El Hogar in Honduras for the First Time – Connections (Part 5)

Today was a beautiful day in Honduras, and I had the opportunity to do more work with El Hogar board member Margo Mingay in the donation storage room located at the Elementary campus. The work that I’ve been doing during my time here (along with my usual work in the United States) has enabled me to build a strong personal connection between the organization and the staff and students we work with each day.

Those connections are so valuable for me and they’ll be the best souvenirs that I bring home at the end of my adventure. First and foremost, the staff of El Hogar love these children. No matter their title or job description, they work tirelessly to provide education and stability to children who have not had ready access to either. These children come from situations that are worse than many of us could ever fathom and the teachers stand in the gap to provide whatever guidance or support they need to reach their full potential. And as a new staff member in the US office, they have welcomed me with warm smiles and excellent conversations.

The students at El Hogar are amazing! Even after a day filled with school and chores, they have boundless energy. As the sunlight fades over the mountains that surround Tegucigalpa, you can still see games of futbol (soccer) and tag being played. They’ve been very understanding about my elementary use of the Spanish language and have even taught me a few new words. From the moment you enter the gates of El Hogar, the children welcome you with smiles and shouts of, “Hola!” Now that’s the way to welcome guests.

The children of El Hogar know that they’re safe and that they have not just one person who loves them, but a whole organization working with them and rooting for them to achieve their dreams. That’s something that has become even clearer for me since the day I landed in Honduras.

Tomorrow, I travel to the El Hogar Farm campus as I return to my rural roots and see what farming in Honduras is like.

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