El Hogar Graduation (November 2015) – A New Journey

Jason Lang (Website)
Jason Lang, El Hogar’s Manager of Marketing and Communications.

I count it as a privilege to work for El Hogar as their Manager of Marketing and Communications. My job gives me the opportunity to tell the world about the work being done by El Hogar in Honduras and about our amazing students. I had the chance to visit Honduras for the first time this past August in an effort to see the centers that we operate in the country, and to meet the staff and students who are so central to the work that I do.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving to travel back to that amazing country to be a part of a very special time for our community – graduation. The school year in Honduras runs from February to November, which is a bit different from what we know here in North America. Each November marks a time of change and the beginning of new chapters for many of our students. Those who have called our Elementary campus home through their sixth grade year prepare to move onto the next campuses. For the boys, this means choosing between the Agricultural School or the Technical Institute. For the girls, they can move onto our Home for High School Girls, where they can continue their education at a private high school called Virginia Sapp.

For those students who have called the Agricultural School or Technical Institute home through their ninth grade years, this is when they leave our care to begin the next chapter of their lives. Since our program for girls only began in 2007, none of our high school girls are graduating yet.

As I did in August, I’m going to be blogging daily about my experiences at these events to give you an idea of what it’s like to be a part of them. I’m excited to witness this special time in the lives of these students. I hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with me. It begins tomorrow!

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