El Hogar Graduation (November 2015) – El Hogar’s Elementary School (El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza)

Today was my final full day in Honduras for the various graduation events that have been occurring at each of the El Hogar campuses. Today’s event wasn’t a graduation, but was a clausura – an event marking the students’ transition from the Elementary school to one of the other specialized programs established by El Hogar. This also marks the end of their time with Claudia Castro.


Yesterday, I spoke about Lazaro Juarez and his love for the boys in his care. Claudia sees the children of El Hogar when they first enter our program. She sees the difficult situations they come from and watches them grow beyond their hardships. She is a mother to each of the boys and girls in our care and you see it with how each of the students interacts with her and speaks of her.

The ceremony was beautiful and included honors for the teachers who work with the students, presentations made by the children for the various special classes that they take part in (baking, sewing, art, etc.), plenty of wonderful music, and emotional moments that left most people wiping a tear from their eyes.

This was a special time that honored the hard work that these students have put in and the special people who got them there. These types of ceremonies are not short, but the fact that the children were well-behaved during the entire process shows how wonderful and amazing they are.

After attending the three ceremonies over the past few days, it’s become even more evident how important the teachers and administrators are to the lives and success of the students in El Hogar’s care. The staff members at El Hogar work hard to give these children the education they need to succeed in life. They don’t sugarcoat their message by saying life is easy, but they prepare them well to deal with many of the obstacles they may encounter. They celebrate the triumphs and lend support during difficulties. They are educators who give their all to ensure that these students have every ounce of support they need.

I leave Honduras tomorrow and I have to admit that I’m sad to go. Like in August, I continue to fall in love with this wonderful country and its people. I’m the luckiest person in the world to work with an organization that’s changing lives in Honduras. Though returning home is always nice when you’ve been away, tomorrow’s blog post – my last for this trip – will be hard to write.

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