El Hogar Graduation (November 2016) – Preparing to Celebrate at El Hogar

Jason Lang (Website)
Jason Lang, El Hogar’s Manager of Marketing and Communications.

Graduation is such a special time for students and their families. No matter where you are in the world, the moment when that diploma is handed to the honored student marks the completion of years filled with hard work and studying. It’s the moment when the importance of the sacrifices made by families and friends to provide the support and help needed by the graduate can really be seen. Depending on the situation and location, some of those sacrifices can be greater than anyone can imagine.

Our students in Honduras come to El Hogar from situations that range from extreme poverty to abuse, unending hunger to neglect. Some of our students’ parents truly care about them and turn to us as a way for their children to break out of the cycle of poverty. Other students don’t know or have a relationship with their parents for a number of different reasons. No matter the situation, we provide all of the love and support they need to learn all they can and to eventually reach graduation.

I’m excited to be traveling back to Honduras tomorrow to be a part of the graduation festivities at three of our campuses. For the students at our Agricultural School and Technical Institute, it’s the moment they step into the world to use the skills they’ve gained to make better lives for themselves and their families. For our sixth graders, this is the moment they leave our Elementary school to take their next steps toward growing up and moving into one of our secondary education programs. This year’s graduation will also be the last before the first of our high school girls graduate and take their next steps toward adulthood.

I’ll be blogging daily about each of the graduation ceremonies and my time at El Hogar. It’s an amazing and humbling experience to be a part of each of these special days, and I want you to feel like you’re also there being a part of these turning points.

I hope you’ll take this journey with me and check back each day for updates. We fly out tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “El Hogar Graduation (November 2016) – Preparing to Celebrate at El Hogar

  1. Anne Manners

    What a wonderful. I shall read your comments each day. I so wish I had the funds to visit and support El Hogar as I used to do, but retirement takes away savings and I am no longer able to help out. However, I shall always be interested in what happens to the El Hogar children. Anne Manners


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