El Hogar Graduation (November 2016) – A Great Welcome to Honduras

There’s nothing more exciting than getting on a plane to go and celebrate. This is especially true when it comes to graduation at El Hogar. Flying to Honduras is not an easy task – connecting flights are (mostly) required. However, the early morning alarm and long security lines are all worth it to see each of the students being honored on their special day.

After flying from Boston to Miami, then over Cuba and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, we finally touched down in Tegucigalpa. After meeting with the other sponsors attending graduation and Matthew Engleby, El Hogar’s Executive Director in Honduras, we made our way to our home away from home for the next few days. After a short break to catch our breaths, we rode through the old colonial streets of Tegucigalpa to the Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla – an architectural treasure that first opened it’s doors on September 15, 1915. We had a special invitation to attend a cultural event that would feature students from various schools dancing traditional Honduran dances and playing some very catchy marimba music. Our El Hogar students were very prominently featured in the program and we couldn’t have been prouder.

As we entered the theater, some of the elementary students were selling delicious baked goods they had made earlier – the pan queso is not to be missed and will never be forgotten.

The students did a fantastic job as they performed and the audience responded with roaring applause and cheers. The boys and girls who performed from El Hogar did a great job, and it was a special opportunity to enjoy the other performers and to experience Honduran culture in a beautiful space.

It was an amazing evening, but this is just the arrival day! Tomorrow we travel just over an hour outside of Tegucigalpa to Talanga. It’s there at our Agricultural School where we’ll celebrate with each of our graduating students from that campus.

The first graduation of 2016 at El Hogar is tomorrow and I can’t wait to celebrate the accomplishments of those amazing students.

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