The Greatest Gift

The holiday season is a special time at El Hogar.

Is it just me or has the holiday season just become far too commercial? My favorite memories of the season come from time spent with family and friends, delicious meals featuring long-held “secret” recipes, and strolling through the neighborhood looking at the decorations adorning each home.

Sadly, most people seem to focus more on the gifts that they’re giving than the intent behind the gifts. By the time the clock strikes midnight and 2017 begins, many Christmas gifts will have already taken up residence in their permanent new closet or basement homes. I find this troubling because it’s not what the holiday season is supposed to be about.

This special time of the year should be about bringing back fond memories, rekindling joy that may have been stifled because of a difficult year, and giving us an opportunity to look at how we can make the season better for those in need. It’s that last point that’s particularly timely for me.

The students at El Hogar are wonderful teachers. They teach us lessons each day with the things they say and their actions. One thing that has struck me each time I’ve visited – as it has for many service team members who have gone to Honduras over the years – is how giving the students are toward each other.

One story that’s stuck with me was told by a service team member not long after I started at El Hogar. They told me that during a trip to Honduras, they had taken some of the students out for lunch following a church service. The children enjoyed their lunches, but several of them only ate half of their hamburgers and kept the rest wrapped up. One volunteer noticed this, but thought they were taking it back to enjoy at El Hogar. On the contrary, when they returned to the school, these students gave their remaining hamburgers to their brothers or sisters. They were sacrificing a treat to make sure their family didn’t feel left out. It’s a giving spirit that rings true for us during this time of year, but one that we should also try to have all year long.

For me, it’s a gift to see the lives of our students impacted for good each day. It’s a gift to see the hope and promise in their eyes. It’s a gift to see smiles on their faces. These are the gifts that truly matter and they’re made possible because of the generosity of people just like you. People who give whatever they can to make the lives of our students – children they may never have a chance to meet – better. That’s the greatest gift you can give no matter what season it is.

For those of you who have given to El Hogar this year, thank you for your support. You’ve shown us the true spirit of the holiday season throughout 2016. For those of you who may be new to El Hogar or who haven’t given a gift to us yet, please consider giving your gift today by clicking the button below. It’s a great way to do something truly meaningful and selfless during this season. When you do, let me be the first to say thank you!

On behalf of everyone at El Hogar, I hope you have a wonderful, joyous, and peaceful holiday season.


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