New Year, New Possibilities

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

– Melody Beattie

The first few weeks of a new year are usually spent getting everything prepared to run smoothly as you move forward. For some people, a new year brings feelings of joy and anticipation. For others, they enter with feelings of worry or dread. Like the quote above, I look at the new year like a book – many chapters that tell a story filled with the good and bad that life inevitably brings, as well as the hope and promise that carries us through.

Your support puts their hopes and dreams within reach.
Your support puts their dreams within reach.

Two years ago, my wife gave me a daily diary for Christmas that’s good for five years. Each night you answer a question and, once the year is over, you start back at the beginning. It lets you see how you’ve changed over the years since your previous answers, while also showing you how you’ve overcome the struggles of the previous year. For me, this is how I look at the start of a new year at El Hogar.

Each year our students enter our campuses during the month of January to prepare to begin their new school year. For those returning to El Hogar, they’ve made it through the struggles of the previous year’s studies. They can look back with pride. Now, they’re entering a new grade – or maybe even a new center – with all the hopes and fears that the unknown inevitably brings.

For those who are new to El Hogar, the emotions they enter with are powerful. They’re coming to a new place fresh from situations of neglect, violence, abuse, poverty, and hunger. They’re surrounded by the new faces of other students and staff members. It’s a new world for them and they quickly learn that there are opportunities available at El Hogar that they never could have dreamed of in the past.

Each of these students enter the new year at El Hogar in very different places, but they all have many things in common as they view the year ahead. They have hope for a brighter future. They have determination to get the most they can out of their education. They have peace within the safety of El Hogar’s walls. They have comfort in the love and care they receive from staff members. They have lives that are being transformed through the help and support of El Hogar – only made possible each year by our generous donors.

The new year brings the promise of new possibilities for each of our students – ones that were out of reach for them previously because of the poverty they were born into. With your support, our students can continue to break free from the cycle of poverty in their families and see their lives turn around. With your support this year, 2017 can be the turning point that changes the direction of their lives forever.

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