Notes From Honduras – January 2017

We’re beginning the new year with a new monthly series called Notes From Honduras. These short updates are coming right from the ground in Honduras and will make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of El Hogar. We hope you enjoy this new look at El Hogar.

A cool breeze blows over the property as the children play hide-and-seek among the school buildings. The classrooms have been empty since the middle of November and the campus is quiet. The teachers, who spend 10 months of the year teaching, counseling, and caring for the children, take turns alternating their vacations – half take vacation, while the other half stay to work with the children – for a well-deserved holiday. Some children have spent a part of the school vacation at home with their families. Other children spent the school vacation with their El Hogar family. Outings to Tegucigalpa’s Christmas activities and the Children’s Museum, karaoke, and a feast of nacatamles (a traditional Honduran food) were their way of celebrating.

There are some new faces mixed in with the familiar ones, and with each passing day the campus is becoming more lively. With more free time, some children are scattered around the field doing puzzles and playing with cars. Others weave around them with a soccer ball. The final days of vacation are coming and the children are soaking up every spare moment they have before classes begin in February for another school year.

– Erika Skafel, Coordinator of North American Relations

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