Notes From Honduras – March 2017

Since the Middle Ages, Father’s Day has been celebrated on March 19th in many parts of Europe. This custom was brought by the Spanish to Latin America and is observed as the feast day of St. Joseph, who was the father figure to Jesus.

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the father figures at El Hogar. With many children lacking knowledge of and a relationship with their own fathers, the male teachers and staff have a great deal of influence over the growth and maturation of these students. Profe Heyser, a long-time teacher, feels a great deal of responsibility and pride in the work that he does, not only as a teacher, but as a father figure for the students at El Hogar. He was surprised and inspired by the recognition that the students expressed on Father’s Day.

The boys and girls who call El Hogar home have many father figures to look up to. These teachers and staff members strive each day to guide the students in their care through life’s highs and lows.

Rene Gabriel, a sixth grade student at El Hogar, spends a lot of time with Profe Heyser. To him, Profe Heyser is someone he can trust, who counsels him when he is wrong and celebrates with him during his successes.

The staff and children wanted to do something special for the teachers on Father’s Day! The invitations were sent out a week in advance for a special celebratory dinner on Friday evening. The dining room was playfully decorated with moustaches, ties, and photos. Some of the children took turns sharing words of gratitude. Music was playing and everyone enjoyed a “plato typico,” a traditional Honduran dinner with grilled beef, refried beans, salsa, fried plantain and cheese. Dessert was a chocolate cake made from scratch by the students in the baking class.

While there is no replacement for a father, the staff at El Hogar do their best as father figures. They’re positive male role models who demonstrate the caring, love, and toughness that the children need. They help make days like Father’s Day a celebration.

– Erika Skafel, Coordinator of North American Relations

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