Notes From Honduras – April 2017

Every year, the eight Episcopal schools in Honduras gather to compete in volleyball and soccer. This year, the 18th Annual Episcopal games were hosted by Holy Trinity School in La Ceiba, on the north coast of Honduras.

In the early hours of Thursday, March 30, the bus departed from the Technical Institute with their volleyball team, soccer team, and the soccer team from the Agricultural School. They arrived in La Ceiba about seven hours later and the volleyball team jumped right into their first game. Their volleyball coach, Gerardo, is the son of the Sub-Director at the Institute, Lazaro Juarez. He trains with the Honduran National team, and is a great asset to the boys. They were against tough competition and, despite playing hard, they did not place in the finals.

Joel (Left) and Kevin (Center Right) faced tough competition as part of the volleyball team during the games.

After a long day of travel and competition, Lazaro took all the boys to the beach. They went about 20 km east to Sambo Creek and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, and dancing “Punta” (a dance done by the local indigenous Garifuna tribe). A few more tourist stops and they were back in La Ceiba for dinner and bedtime.

The boys had an opportunity to relax with some time on the beach and some games of soccer in the sand.

The first soccer game was scheduled for 8 a.m. on Friday morning and each team had three games to play. The boys from the Technical Institute tied their first two games and won their third, advancing to the finals. The boys from the Agricultural School won their first two games and lost their third, advancing to the consolation final.

The Agricultural School boys, while outplaying their competition, lost 1-0. The goal was scored on a penalty; a foul by one of their defenders inside the goalie’s box. They placed fourth overall.

The Technical Institute boys scored first, but the other team quickly came back with a goal. They finished regular time tied 1-1, so they went on to penalties. Lazaro told the boys that they had played well and to try their hardest, but that they needed to accept whatever outcome they got. Josué Isaís, El Hogar alum and goalkeeper for the Institute, set up on the goal line for the first penalty. The other team made three good shots on net and scored each time. When it was the Institute’s turn, they made two good shots, but missed the third. A tough way to lose, but the Institute boys placed second overall.

The soccer teams from the Agricultural School (Top) and the Technical
Institute (Bottom) played hard during their times on the fields.

You could say that the boys from the Technical Institute and the Agricultural School are at a slight disadvantage because every year the games come only two months after they have started classes, while the other schools start their school year in September. However, this doesn’t show on the field. In many cases, the boys match or outplay their opponents despite having less practice time.

The Episcopal Games offer a great opportunity for the boys to compete, meet other students from across the country, see a new place, and enjoy a new type of camaraderie that comes with traveling. Arriving back at home late on Friday night, the boys had a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to for next year!

– Erika Skafel, Coordinator of North American Relations

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