Notes From Honduras – July 2017

If you’ve come to El Hogar on a Service Team in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve been to Villa Olimpica. The Autonomous Sports Confederation of Honduras (CONDEPAH) regulates 40 sports disciplines in Honduras, many of which are headquartered at Villa Olimpica. The sports complex was built in the late 1980’s to accommodate the Central American Games and remained a public facility. The Honduran Olympic Committee Headquarters is also located there.

(Left) Julio César practices his pitching, while (Right) Gabriela and Gabriel practice taekwondo.

In 2016, CONDEPAH began a program that supports participation and skill development in sports for students in education centers like El Hogar. Since then, our students have been developing their skills in seven disciplines: taekwondo, judo, kickboxing, lima lama (all martial arts), table tennis, baseball, and of course, soccer. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, the kids load onto the bus according to their sport and head to Villa Olimpica where their Honduran coaches are waiting for them. They practice martial arts, table tennis, and baseball, while also learning discipline, focus, and fitness. On Saturday mornings, the soccer team, which includes some of the students from the Technical Institute, practices and competes.

Through the collaboration between CONDEPAH and El Hogar, many of the children have had the opportunity to not only develop their skills, but to also develop their confidence by competing in tournaments against other students in Tegucigalpa and other cities, including Comayagua.

– Erika Skafel, Coordinator of North American Relations

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