The blog post below was written by Liz Kinchen, El Hogar’s North American Executive Director.


I think it’s fair to say that I have been instilled with a sense of gratitude from my earliest years. It was a value my parents encouraged. As I have gotten older, the scope of how I understand gratitude has broadened, and how I experience it has deepened.

I aspire to be mindful of what is good, not just in my life, but in all of life. I’d go so far as to say that I aspire to live in a state of perpetual gratitude. Of course, my human imperfection prevents this, but I hold it as an aspiration nonetheless.

One of the privileges of working as the Executive Director of El Hogar Ministries over the past 16 years is that I have met many of you – friends, supporters, and enthusiasts for El Hogar. I have had the honor of hearing many of your stories telling how you came to know and love El Hogar. So many of you have welcomed me into your homes, your churches and your lives – as you have welcomed El Hogar. I have witnessed your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity from a front-row seat. And I need to say, in all honesty, that it fills me with gratitude.

Liz and Cristhofer – an El Hogar graduate – during one of El Hogar’s graduation ceremonies.

I don’t just mean being thankful for a gift that comes in. Of course, I am thankful for that – every gift helps to keep our doors open for the vulnerable children we serve. What I have deep gratitude for is your spirit – that you care about children far from where you are; that you want to see a more just world; and that you act to help achieve these things. This is the spirit that can, does, and will continue to change the world.

So, when you read a letter from me, or hear me speak about El Hogar, and I say the words ‘thank you’, please know that behind those commonplace words is a profound sense of real gratitude. I am speaking on behalf of El Hogar and all its students and staff, but I am also – and perhaps primarily – speaking on my own behalf.

You show me every day what social action, a global sense of responsibility, love, and generosity look like. You lift my spirit, inspire me, and give me hope for humankind.

And for that I have tremendous gratitude! For you, I have tremendous gratitude.

To learn more about El Hogar, please visit our website at

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