El Hogar Graduation (November 2017) – Elementary School Clausura and the First High School Girls Graduation

Each graduation event is unique and fits the area where the particular campus is located. The Agricultural School is very understated and simple. The Technical Institute is a mixture of attendees from rural communities and cities, and was a more lively event. Tonight’s – the ceremony for the Elementary School – is the most formal of the three.

The Clausura ceremony celebrates the transition for students from an elementary education to the next level. It was great to see the boys and girls dressed in the nicest clothes as they proudly stood to be honored. Their time at El Hogar is far from finished. Now, they move forward to enter the next phase of their education.

Tonight’s ceremony was also particularly special because of another group of students being honored. In addition to the Clausura ceremony, we also celebrated the graduation of El Hogar’s first group of high school girls.

These four young women entered our program as elementary students. Tonight, we honored their completion of high school and their plans to attend university. As they continue their education, their dreams will come closer and closer to being within reach.

This night was a truly special way to end these past few days in Honduras. My heart is filled with so many emotions as this final day in Honduras draws to a close. As we drove away through the darkened streets of Tegucigalpa, the orange glow of the sodium lamps passed by the windows. This is my last night and tomorrow, we prepare to return home.


To change the lives of children in Honduras, please donate today!

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